Thursday, April 12, 2007

Survivor: Nooooooo!

I tried to be positive today. I really did, and it was working, and then came the nail-biting episode of Survivor and alas, the ouster of Michelle.

Here's my theory about Dreamz: I think Dreamz is not strongly allied to anyone, with the possible exception of Cassandra. I think he's planning to vote out Stacy as soon as it's most advantageous to him. I also think Jeff asked everybody why they would vote off everybody else, and only Alex's response was shown in full, because he was so blatant.

So why did Dreamz vote out Michelle and not Stacy? By doing so, he tipped off Alex and Stacy that Mookie (who also has possession of the immunity idol) is not loyal to the alliance.

By voting off Michelle, he's broken up the alliance of Earl, Yau Man and Michelle -- and also made himself and his vote more necessary to the remaining alliances, especially if he and Cassandra are a voting unit. They go from being on the bottom of the totem pole to having some influence.

As upset as I was at Michelle's boot, this was one exciting episode. Yau Man continues to rock, I was actually feeling sorry for Boo...heck, they even had me feeling sorry for Mookie when he got back and everything was gone from Camp Comfy.

I gotta hand it to the producers - after a rocky start with the haves and have-nots, this is turning into a very interesting, emotional rollercoaster of a season!

Oh, and then Ugly Betty was a clip show. Ugh. At least I had The Office to bring the funny. And I wrote an entire chapter today.

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Maureen McGowan said...

Do you think Dreamz is that smart? Maybe. You're probably right. It was just good editing to make us think he was just following Alex. They are very good at creating a story from what must be countless hours of tape.

And I agree about this turning out to be a good season. It's anyone's game right now and there haven't been many seasons where that's true at this stage.

The Office was funny... but the Michael character is getting sadder and sadder.