Monday, February 05, 2007

You know you're on the right track when....

you write eleven brand-new pages to your new brand-new Chapter One in just over an hour and it feels good when you're done and you know what's coming next and....whew! Back in the saddle again!

I also found a wonderful review for MY LORD'S DESIRE, which says, in part, "Conspiracy, betrayal and bold knights sparring to win the hand of a beautiful lady, all fill My Lord’s Desire to make it a must read for any medieval historical lover!" You can read the whole review here. Thank you, Bonnie, at A Romance Review.

I made rice pudding yesterday, which I alone of all those who inhabit my domicile enjoy, so I had it for lunch today - bonus! (Without raisins, though. Some day I shall have to tell The Tale of The Cooking Raisins, and why I don't enjoy them.) I use a variation of the one in The Joy of Cooking, based on suggestions from my sister. I use vanilla soya milk instead of water, no salt and this time, I tried half the sugar. Not quite sweet enough, but certainly acceptable.

And later, Lt. Sulu is Hiro's dad on Heroes? I can hardly wait!

Yep, turning out to be a very good day!


Christine said...

Heroes was great last night. And I didn't see that little twist coming at the end. Should prove to be very interesting. :)

Kimber said...

Love Heroes.
I love the way they're bringing fans in from other shows.
Like Christopher E. of Doctor Who fame (cult following there).
Now Star Trek (crazier cult following).
And I enjoy that they don't go press crazy while doing so.
Clever marketing that doesn't detract from the show.