Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's and Me

Once again, it's Valentine's Day. Or St. Valentine's Day. Or, as I sometimes hear it, "Valentime's."

At any rate, this is the one time of the year when other media pays a lot of attention to romance. And sometimes, romance writers. Apparently I'm supposed to just go nuts for the hearts and flowers and candy.

Um, sorry. I must confess that Valentine's Day really doesn't float my boat. I find it too manufactured. I think it's a lot more important to be treated well, with love and affection and appreciation 365 days of the year than to get flowers or candy on one day of the year.

I write romance because I can have two equally strong protagonists, a man and a woman. I love the battle of the sexes element. The key word here is "battle" -- as in, lots of conflict. Conflict = drama, and that's what makes writing romance interesting and exciting for me. I don't write romance because I go all mushy at the thought of a candlelight dinner or long walks on an exotic beach.

You wanna know what day really does get me excited? The first day of Daylight Savings. Whooo hooo, more sun in the evenings!

I'm thinking I should come up with a suitable celebratory expression for Day One of Daylight Savings in the form of food, although I could always fall back on chocolate.
Heck, every day's a good day for chocolate!


Amy Ruttan said...

I'll go for the celebratory day for day light savings time. I'm all for more sun in the evening. Means easier driving for poor, night blind me.

I watched ET, you guys did awesome. The book cover shots were great!

Christine said...

I missed the ET segment and I'm very upset about it. We took out kids out for supper that night and I didn't get back in time.

I'm for celebrating Daylight Savings Time too! Once I adjust that is. :)