Monday, February 19, 2007

TAR Comments

Okay, first, I am really, really, really tired of Rob and Amber. Enough already!! Can they PLEASE be eliminated next? Even if they come first?

Kevin and Drew -- was Drew not feeling well? I mean, whooo. Wha' happened? He wasn't his usual self. I was cringing for their car.

Terri and Ian -- I was surprised to learn about his undercover background. Interesting, and likewise enough with the "hoo-yahs!"

The Chas -- ah, still charming! So glad they're friends again.

Mary and David -- Mary lied. Flat-out lied! I was shocked. And also, appalled. And the timing! First leg of the race and at the counter with the ticket clerks right there? And then scurrying off to warn Terri and Ian where the Beauty Queens can see you? Yikes!

What the heck happened between them and the Beauty Queens last season? I saw signs of a motive -- the mocking in the airport -- but I was unprepared for that level of bitterness/rivalry from Mary.

Eric and Danielle -- the nipple rings. Gah! My eyes! Do what you will with your body, but I really don't want to see it.

The Guidos -- they seem to have a solid sense of themselves and how they're perceived. Might be an age thing. They stole the Gutsy Grannies name, but with a smile on their faces.

Uchenna and Joyce -- not much to say about them, as they were pretty much in the background. Although I like them, I do think past winners should have been excluded. I would much rather have had Momily (Emily and Mom) back instead. Or the Clowns. Or Ken and Gerard. Or the Cho Bros.

Mirna and Charla -- It was painful to watch the usually steady Charla panic, but I would have been freaking out, too. (Not that you'd get me on The Amazing Race. The sleeping on cots under a tent would be enough to prevent me, not to mention jetlag and sensitive stomach issues.)

And last...oh woe, last!!! Jon Vito and Jill. I really, really wanted to see them do well. I would have been delighted if they won. I would much, much rather watch them than Rob and Amber. Still, the hope of a rekindled relationship did this romance writer's heart good.

And now, off to write about a boar hunt. (Bet you don't see that too often!)

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Amy Ruttan said...

I was so sad John Vito and Jill were the first to be eliminated.

I am sooooo sick of Rob & Amber, although I was impressed he actually held the bus for the Chas. Who I love, "I told you less martinis more cardio!"

But the KY team. AIYEE, I was yelling at the TV, "What are you doing! What are you doing!" and then going up to Rob and Amber all gushing and saying they were their biggest fans, Come On!

One plus to me actually watching TV at a regularly scheduled time was I finally got to see a commercial for 300 and buff Gerard. :)