Wednesday, February 07, 2007

24, Lost, Prison Break, Heroes, New Survivor

Quick post because I'm going to be too busy to blog the next couple of days (probably):

So, Jack's Dad is EEEEVILLL! Really evil. Yikes! Now that's one dysfunctional family! And I say again, where is Aaron????

Lost -- might watch, might not. It's gotten too weird and there are too many loose ends. Even Sawyer and Sayid are not enough....

Prison Break -- that was the largest train washroom I've ever seen! I couldn't get over it. Until the kiss. Nice one, Michael. But Lance is cute, too. Sadly, though, evil. Probably.

Heroes -- Hiro is so cute and Ando...ahhh. I don't like the Nikki/Jessica storyline, though. At all.

New Survivor. Yes, I'll be there. It's no Amazing Race, yet I'll watch. I've watched every season. I'm skeptical about the big twist, though. They've led me down that garden path before....

In writing news, after having one of those days where I thought I was going to get a lot or writing done and then didn't because all sorts of other stuff happened...I was able to salvage a scene from the Second Beginning. Yeah! So I can pretend I got 14 pages written today, after all. Ah, the motivational tricks I play on myself!


Christine said...

I agree with the Nicky/Jessica plot line in Heroes. They need to bring that line into the other ones fast. And I knew Jack's dad wasn't what he appeared to be. Should be an interesting season.

Kimber said...

I like the Nicky/Jessica storyline. The hubby says that's me well fed (Nicky) or hungry (Jessica).

I love that they brought Doctor Who on board and of course Mr. Sulu. Is creating a lot of buzz. Heroes knows its target market.

Jennifer Y. said...

I don't really like the Nicky/Jessica storyline either...and I gave up on LOST at the beginning of this season...Prison Break is slowly losing my interest.