Thursday, February 15, 2007

Me on TV and other TV related items

So there I was on the Canadian verson of Entertainment Tonight last night (that's me in the middle).

Why didn't I blog about this earlier, you may ask. Well, I'm never sure just what the TV folks are going to do when they edit a piece, so I tend not to tell people I know about things like this. I figure they already know that I write, and if it goes badly? I don't want people I know to see it. Fortunately, this experience went well, but it was a good thing they showed my cover with my (large font) name, because otherwise? Me, and Kate Bridges (on the left) and Kayla Perrin (on the right) would have simply been three Harlequin romance authors. As it is, the only way people are going to know I'm the author of the Margaret Moore books is if they look at my picture in the back.

However, and fortunately, the piece was non-patronizing, so yeah! And as I said, they showed my cover(s), so double yeah!

Then I watched Lost. For the last time. I thought it was going to be about Hurley and maybe Charlie. Possibly Claire. Instead...DESMOND? Why are they showing so much of the new folks? What about the ones we came to care about before? I don't care about Desmond. I don't care about that blond Other woman. I want Hurley and Sayid, and I'm getting almost nothing. I also think the writers don't have a Plan. They're just throwing out anything. So never mind, Lost. I've got other things I can do with that hour.

Tonight, Survivor. How 'bout that Dreamz guy? Or as one of the clever folks at TWoP dubbed him, Screamz? Has he never watched the show? Because yes, that's a good way to earn the million -- keep talking loudly while everyone else is trying to sleep. Yeesh. I hope Yau Man lasts! Loved his bit with the box. Simple physics it may be, but I didn't like physics so missed that lesson. As well as many, many others.

Also, The Office. I tell ya, when I'm screaming, "No, Pam! Oh, Jim!" at my TV, that's some good TV. But NO, Pam! Oh, Jim!!

Then My Name is Earl. That's always a hoot, and I think the sweet relationship between Earl and Randy really makes that show extra-special.

We also tape Ugly Betty. Henry is the very definition of "cute nerd" to me. And ya wanna know cliff-hanger endings? Oh. My. Word.

Thursday should be probably be dubbed Couch Potato Day at my house.


CherylStJ said...

Oh good, someone else who admits to lauging at Earl. LOL

WHAT? It was McThursday and no mention of Meredith Gray drowning?

Margaret Moore said...

Alas, I don't watch Gray's Anatomy. I don't watch any medical shows -- I get too worried I'll come down with the Disease o' the Day. I don't watch the CSI shows, either. Probably just as well, or I'd never get any writing done!