Friday, February 02, 2007

FIGWIT and another "Who is that???" moment

Once upon a time, in a movie entitled Lord of the Rings, there was a council. The Council of Elrond. An Important Decision was made at that council, concerning a ring and a hobbit and a bunch of other folks.

At one point during this Major Event, the camera was on our hobbit hero, Frodo. Then it panned to an elf. No, not Legolas. Another one, with dark hair, prompting certain folks to exclaim, "Frodo is great... WHO IS THAT???" Thus, Figwit was born. And so great and numerous became his fans, that Peter Jackson actually called him back to appear in The Return of the King.

Why am I telling you all this, besides the fact I think it's really neat?

I had a sort of Figwit moment tonight. I was sitting down after dinner, idly flipping around the TV dial, when I came upon the start of Judgment at Nuremburg, made in 1961. I've seen parts of this many times, but have never actually seen the whole movie (still haven't -- my viewing pleasure was interrupted by other duties), but when I saw the lead German defense attorney (after noting the very young William Shatner, looking pretty spiffy I must say), I just about had the vapors, because! Man is gorgeous!

Who was it? Maximilian Schell. If you want to see what I mean, look here, although it doesn't do him justice.

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