Friday, February 16, 2007

Funniest Stargate EVAH!

Yesterday was one wild, wacky TV day! First, Survivor. Dreamz manages to redeem himself, Sylvia survives another day (Will she be named Fearless Leader? She seems to want it.), Earl amuses, Yau Man impresses and Boo has boo-boos.

Then, The Office. Oh, Pam, say it ain't so! You're back with Roy? And Jim didn't go to the art show? Sob. My heart, it breaks. Also, cries "Noooooooooo!"

My Name is Earl manages to make me smile again.

But then, oh, then, by pure serendipity, while flipping around the dial we come upon the most hilarious Stargate self-parody episode EVER! Now, I must admit I haven't really watched since Ben Browder replaced Richard Dean Anderson. I loved BB in Farscape, but I missed Jack O'Neil too much.

But lo! For their 200th episode, they did another self-parody episode (who can forget Wormhole X-treme?) and Jack was back. Even better, they had a series of self-parodies that had me literally applauding with glee. Seriously, clapping my hands and laughing out loud. Teen-gate! Supermarionation! Also Star Trek! And Farscape! There's a long, detailed description of the episode on Wikipedia here. I tell ya, I loved every minute of it!

And on Sunday, All-Star Amazing Race!! I've got my chips and dip ready. I can hardly wait!

Oh, yes, I'm writing, too. I had to take some time to just think and make notes yesterday because I had reached one of those places in the synopsis in which I cover a lot of ground in a sentence or two. Easy enough to say in short form, tougher to actually show/describe with dialogue and action when you're writing the book.


Christine said...

I howled watching that one!! It's great that they brought Jack back, even if it was only for the one episode. *sigh*

Margaret Moore said...

I miss Jack! And the teasing with him and Samantha! I loved the "alternative" episodes where she and Jack would be together.