Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's so purty....

Now here is what I call a wonderful cover (although this isn't the final version. I gather they need to add "USA TODAY Bestselling Author". Works for me!):

This is for my February, 2007 book, so don't go looking for it now.
(Look for HERS TO DESIRE now!)

Why do I love it so? Let me count the ways:

The colors, especially the sky, the font and the heroine's dress.

The hero's mail. Okay, maybe a little skimpy on the sleeves, but I can live with that. At least his chest is covered (unlike, say, this one . Great looking guy, but why not just paint a target on yourself, fella?)

The heroine's dress. I think I've had this one before, but I like it!

The hero's face. Granted you have to see it larger to get the full effect, but yummy! The eagle-eyed Michelle Rowen thinks this may be model Nathan Camp. I'm thinking yes. Take a look. What do you think?

And last but not least, my name is HUGE! This means the Powers-That-Be think my name is a Very Important Selling Point. Yippee!

I have to say this cover ranks with my other favorite covers, also for HQN Books.

HERS TO DESIRE will be out (officially) next week. What can I say? I love the blue!

LORD OF DUNKEATHE was out in February, 2005, and is still available at Amazon.

Having looked at a larger version of the cover of LORD OF DUNKEATHE, I do believe that may be Nathan Kamp again. No complaints about that here if it is!

If you're wondering why they look similar, that's quite deliberate. It's a marketing strategy and one I quite like!

As for the new book, I've come to a sort of crossroads -- the next scene could be any one of three choices, and I'm trying to decide which one to do! This is where having a very general outline doesn't help. OTOH, I wrote a really cool short scene this morning that wasn't even in the outline.


Nienke said...

It is purty! The colors are just luscious. (And so is Nathan Camp for that matter.)

Margaret Moore said...

I concur -- with both points!