Saturday, July 01, 2006

Lego here, Lego there, Lego everywhere!

As I've been doing the final revisions for my February book (which are never-ending, apparently), I've also been trying to do some de-cluttering of the house. We've been in our house over twenty years, and oh, how the stuff does pile up! Every few years, it gets to me, and I decide Something Must Be Done.

So far, I've managed to clean out several small areas (junk drawer(s) in the kitchen and upstairs desk, my closet) and now I'm tackling the kids' toys. Not that said kids actually play with these toys, what with being in university and all, but like my mother, I plan to keep some for...well, let's just say my daughter played with my Barbies at Grandma's house, and I now have the same Barbies (plus Skipper Dream Room) at my house.

This is how I came to be sitting on the living room floor the other day, watching the start of Driving Miss Daisy while surrounded by Barbie clothes, shoes, purses and, of course, Barbies. Which prompted my husband to note, "Oh, here's little Margie playing with her Barbies." Well, what can I say? It was kinda true. I mean, I had to put clothes on them, right? And I have outfits from the years when they were outfits, not all-pink creations, because in those far off days, you bought ONE doll and then outfits, not a new doll per outfit.

But I digress (and really, don't get me started on this).

Today, I was sitting on the floor in the rec room, semi-watching part of the World Cup, surrounded by Lego. Much, much Lego. Little Lego heads in one bag, little Lego lights in another, all the greenery in one big bag, and so on.

Unfortunately, the Lego is still all over the rec room floor, because I still have revising to do. I'm almost there, though, and then it'll be Conquest of the Lego Space Station! And the Lego Pirates! And the Lego Castle! Ahoy, maties! Zounds and away!

And you thought us romance writers lived lives of unending glamor.....

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