Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ten down, only 390 to go....

Having done my file card outline, I started THE NOTORIOUS KNIGHT today, as in Chapter One, Page One. This is the 42nd story I've written.

What do I worry about, or have I written so many books and novellas I don't worry about anything? Oh, baby, I could write a whole separate book about writerly worries! In fact, I think the book I had the fewest worries about was the first one I wrote. I had nothing to lose, so I just wrote it. Now I try not to burden myself with lots of "rules" or fears, but I do have things that lurk in my mind as I write.

I want to make my characters as individual and compelling to my readers as they are to me.

I want my readers to love my hero and like my heroine at least as much as I do.

There's always an element of writing I'm trying to do better. Description, a mystery element, dialogue in love scenes. I also try to ensure that my love scenes aren't repetitious or, well, over the top.

Sometimes I worry that I won't have enough plot for 400 pages. Not this time, I'm relieved to say.

I have a bit of sticky wicket with the beginning of this book, because it's a sequel. In the first chapter, I want to refer to recent events, but I don't want static talking heads, or the medieval equivalent of the heroine sitting on an airplane thinking about her life. I also want to create some sympathy for the heroine, who may come across as too uptight if I don't. I think I've managed it pretty well in the first scene; nevertheless, I'm sure I'll be making several changes later just to be certain I've achieved what I want.

Because one thing's for sure: this won't be the first time I work on Chapter One, Page One of THE NOTORIOUS KNIGHT. In fact, it's likely to be reworked anywhere from five to fifty times until I'm satisfied.

Did I mention I worry?

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