Tuesday, July 18, 2006


So I get one of the all-time greatest covers EVER and I'm all keen to post it everywhere, kinda like when I made the USA Today bestselling list -- that time, I even briefly entertained the idea of a tattoo. On my forehead.

BUT...but, but, but, I cannot get the pdf file to convert to something I can post on my site. Oh, woe! Oh, misery! I have not the software! Neither does my husband, he who works for a Major Computer Company. Although he did try. (And I don't know how come I'm the one needing glasses after peering at his teeny, tiny screen.)

There was one thing I could do. I posted it in the files section of the yahoo group for my email newsletter subscribers. I was going to give them a "sneak peek" anyway, because that's one of the bonuses for subscribers (along with being eligible for my monthly draw for a $25 electronic gift certificate from Amazon), but for now, they're the only people who can see it.

I did wind up phoning my editor to squee like a rabid fangirl. When they get it right, I let 'em know. If the art director had magically appeared at my house, I would have prostrated myself in gratitude. Because believe you me, a great cover is cause for gratitude and much rejoicing.

And I gotta tell ya, something like this makes it really easy to get your butt in the chair to write. (Picture me tossing back my short hair and cackling like a mad thing. Or pounding my keyboard, while cackling and tossing back my short hair, like the Phantom of the Opera on a musical bender.)


Nienke said...

Margaret, if you want to send it to me at nienke DOT hinton AT gmail DOT com, I can convert it for you!

Margaret Moore said...

Thanks, Nienke, but the lovely and multi-talented Michelle Rowen saw my dilemma and has already done so -- I'll be posting it as soon as I get permission from the publisher!