Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sucked into the vortex....

Yesterday, I planned to make a time line for the years between 1201 and 1204 (what happened when and where the king was and who was "in" and who was "out" of favor, that sort of thing). I really, really did. But first, I went to the library and there -- oh, happy day! -- was the book I'd been trying to order from Amazon. I did hear back from them about that. The book is only available through another seller and their "our price" would be what the book would cost if they had it. Now, I ask you, what's the point of that, since they don't?

Anyway, I get home with "my precious" (aka The Plantagenet Chronicles) and discover that my daughter is watching a version of Nicholas Nickleby she recently purchased. It's one I've never seen before, staring James D'Arcy as Nicholas and Charles Dance as Ralph Nickleby. And it's good. Really good. And there went most of my afternoon.

Later, when I retired for the night, I took "my precious" with me to read for a little while. Next thing I know, it's quarter to one. Ay yi yi! Sucked into another vortex! But it's just so dang interesting!

Still, it's probably a good thing my daughter's off to work today, or she'd probably start watching Regency House Party or something else I find vastly entertaining and I would be drawn, as a moth to flame, and there would go another afternoon.


Sandra Schwab said...

Hi Margaret,

is your precious The Plantagenet Chronicles by Elizabeth Hallam? For you can purchase that one really cheaply at They're a great place to look for used and out-of-print and antique books! I order most of my research books through them.


Margaret Moore said...

Thanks, Sandra, and indeed, you are right! TPC's great -- full of interesting tidbits I like so much!
I'll check out Abebooks, especially now that I know I won't be buying a pig-in-a-poke. I've been burned buying some research books "sight unseen."

Sandra said...

I've been using abebooks for years now and there've been only one or two incidents where I wasn't really pleased with the condition of the books I got. But in general, the book descriptions are on spot. And I've found some real gems via abebooks, like travel guides from the 1840s which weren't too expensive.