Thursday, January 19, 2006

Revisions are good for my heart...really!

I mean that quite literally, not figuratively. I don't suddenly start smiling and feeling wonderful and all is lovely. A revision means a lot of running up and down the stairs for this writer.

You see, my office has, for years, been in the basement, in a room with no windows. This gets depressing. Are the seasons changing? Are birds singing, children playing? I have no idea.

So having various extra computer components after years of upgrading, we put a computer upstairs between the living room, with its 6 foot by 12 foot window, and the dining room, with its 4 foot by 6 foot window. Sunlight! No longer do I feel at one with the vampires!

Unfortunately, the only printer we posess is still in my downstairs office, so if I want to print something, I have to put it on diskette and go downstairs. (I didn't want the new computer to have access to the internet -- didn't want to be distracted by email, didn't want anybody to be able to hack into it.) When I'm doing revisions, I tend to make several hard copies of the new material. I simply proof read better with a hard copy, and it's important to make sure the new material blends in with the original.

That means a lot of trips up and down the stairs. But hey, it's good for me, right? Maybe I'll even lose a pound or two!

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