Sunday, January 15, 2006

A busy week...what will the next one bring?

Whew, last week was a busy one for me, as things go. A dental checkup, my annual physical, title back-and-forth, organizing a booksigning, tax stuff, and all the regular household chores. And then there's the anxiety of waiting to hear about revisions.

But it's better to be busy while waiting. I'm distracted. Today's distractions: still working on the booksigning. Sending material to our romance chapter's newsletter editor for the next issue. Editing my 15 page synopsis down to one page for the art folks at my publisher (!!). Blogging. Going to the movies and then, after much waiting of a different kind, the new season of 24.

The movie is Tristan and Isolde. The actors playing the main characters look a little too youthful to me, but then, I prefer my medieval men to be, well, men, not boys. I know, I know...medieval guys often were young for what they accomplished and were expected to be able to do. That's why I tend to hedge when it comes to the actual ages of my medieval characters. If I mention their ages, it's usually just once, unless it's an issue.

However, since I'm not living in medieval times, and I'm past the first blush of youth myself, I prefer to watch more mature men in medieval roles. I'm eagerly anticipating Beowulf and Grendal, staring Gerard Butler. Now that's my kind of medieval hero. Wanna see what I mean? Check it out and enjoy!

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Sandy Schwab said...

I love BEOWULF (er ... the epic, I didn't know they are going to make it into another film)! Even though, these days I can't help grinning when the fight with Grendel is mentioned: it always reminds me of the Beowulf-reference in Pratchett's GUARDS! GUARDS!: "Monsters are getting more uppity, too. I heard where this guy, he killed this monster in this lake, no problem, stick its arm up over the door. . . . [A]nd you know what? Its mum come and complained. Its actual mum come right down to the hall next day and complained. Actually complained. That's the respect you get" :O)