Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The book is done...again!

I've finished my latest book, again. That would be the revised manuscript for HERS TO DESIRE. As always, my editor's suggestions have made for a stronger, better story. But man oh man, she earns her salary working with me. I often picture us sitting across from each other in a saloon in the Wild West. I'm squinting, growly-voiced and wearing a green eye shade. My editor, being a young NY type, is well coifed and wearing black. She makes a revision suggestion. I reply, "Oh, yeah? I see yer revision and raise ya five!"

Because for every revision suggestion she may make, I swear I find at least five more changes to make myself.

But now the book is gone (again), so I'm playing catch-up with the things that had to wait, including some documents to go over, press releases for a booksigning to send out, reading for research and a contest I'm judging and, of course, trying to get rid of Mount Laundry. Typically, I got distracted trying to figure out what happened when I faxed one of the press releases while waiting for the washer to fill and soap to disperse before adding sweaters, only to later discover that the washer had drained before I got the sweaters in. Such things happen when I attempt to multi-task.

I'm taking that as a sign that I should go read for awhile...

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