Friday, September 11, 2009

Weight Loss Challenge: not just the weight has changed

So my weight this week is still 135. But more than my weight has changed since I started my weight loss challenge last year. We were late for a movie on Monday, so I dashed up a one and half story escalator. I was shocked to discover I wasn't even winded when I got to the top. Yep, I scampered up that thing like a squirrel and wasn't panting. Last year at this time, I don't think I'd have been able to run all the way up, let alone find myself breathing normally at the top.

Still, this plateau is getting rather boring, so yesterday, I added even more of an angle to ye olde treadmill by putting boards under the front end.

I also started with the leg lifts again. I stopped them last March because I thought it might be doing some damage. The doctor thought not, but I'd taken the air out of my exercise ball and do you think I could find the pump? So I didn't bother - but recently, I've been thinking that I can see a (not good) difference in the ol' belly. So as I continue to search for the ball pump, I've found another use for a box from Amazon. I'm feelin' it this morning, even though I only did 20.

I managed to stay on the cola wagon until Wed. when I had a little can. Yesterday, alas, I had a full one plus a handful of chocolate chips (justifying myself by saying I'd raised the treadmill and done the leg lifts). But I also had chocolate chip cookies and cake this week, so...maybe this week I can avoid the sweet stuff, except for the premiere of Survivor. Must have treats for that! (On a sidenote - I had no plans to watch the Dr. Oz show, but I've just learned they're going to have Tim Gunn and Taj from Survivor on sometimes.)

This week's walking/treadmill/lift tally:

Friday, Sept. 4 - nothing
Sat. Sept. 5 - 1 hr. on TM
Sun. Sept. 6 - 1 hr. on TM
Mon. Sept. 7 - 13,151 (birthday cake)
Tues. Sept. 8 - 45 min. on TM
Wed. Sept 9 - 1 hr. on TM
Thurs. Sept. 10 - 1 hr. on TM, 20 lifts

Here's hoping increasing the angle on the treadmill and more lifts help get me off this plateau, but hey! Clearly I'm in better shape overall than I've been in years!


Anonymous said...

Hi. My walking didn't go so well this week. I felt lousy all weekend, plus my son was up at 4:15 Sunday morning (plus my oldest kitty had a seizure that day). Monday, the kids were out of school. Today I had my choice of weather,which was fixing to rain, or raining (in various degrees of drizzle, downpour, or deluge).
In spite of the 90 to 100% humidity and asthma, I already have a bit more stamina for walking.
As for eating better, well I have a terrible sweet tooth, but am trying to cut back. Unfortunately, I have always considered chocolate to be one of the four basic food groups.

Margaret Moore said...

Hi Rosemary. I didn't so well on the ol' snack train myself today. Perhaps on this date we all need a little comfort food?