Saturday, September 26, 2009

Procrastination: How do you stand it?

If you've been stopping by my blog lately, you know I'm both trying to finish a manuscript and get ready for a trip overseas. I've planned as much as I could to avoid last minute rushes/hassles/problems, but there's only so much you can do. Unforeseen problems have cropped up, giving me things to do at the last minute despite my best efforts.

And I've been wondering - how do people who procrastinate stand the strain? Seriously.

I do as much as I can as soon as I can when I have a project or trip coming, just so I don't have to do a lot of last minute rushing around. Because that? Is so stressful.

Also, do you not forget things? I keep remembering things to take/add to my list/do. How do you not forget or lose track of things if you're doing everything at the last minute?

Are there really people who enjoy the "adrenalin rush" of that sort of method, or have they simply gotten used to it?

Or are they really that mellow?

One thing's for sure: I am not. That mellow, I mean. Because these last minute snafus? Are driving me nuts!


Anonymous said...

Hi. I hate getting ready for a trip also. Several years ago we had a trip planned that had me totally stressed out. We had aleady taken the bird to friends, the oldest cat to the vet to board, and were packing up the car when another friend who was to look after our other cats had to cancel due to a sudden health concern. I was SO relieved not to have to get in that car the next day.

I sit down about a month before hurricane season and make lists of everything that we will need to evacuate, and keep it up on the pantry door. Nothing is more annoying than to get where you are going to stay, and discover that you need to make a 30 minute drive into town as soon as you get unloaded because you forgot to pack something vital. (Do you get the feeling that I speak from experience?)


Kimber Chin said...

I don't procrastinate but I DO forget something on every single trip (lately it has been my toothbrush - once it was all my hubby's underwear). Luckily almost everything (except for passports, credit cards) can be replaced.