Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy days!

Not only am I'm busy with the revising the work-in-progress, I'm preparing for a trip to an overseas destination in two weeks. While I'm away, I'm setting up some guest blogs and other fun things to be posted during my absence.

Where am I going?

Here's a picture of the first destination.


Kimber Chin said...

Venice, baby.
Loved it.
You may want to work a little gelato wiggle room into your weight loss plan (grinning)

Anonymous said...

I would be envious if I didn't hate to fly. Too bad the day of the oceanliners is over.

Kimber Chin said...

I did a transatlantic cruise, Rosemary, and it was wonderful. Nothing like writing while dolphins dance around you!

The only thing is... you'd likely have to fly back as these are usually repositioning cruises.

Margaret Moore said...

I have heard many things about gelato, so will be indulging. But hey, there'll be lots of walking around, so...why not??? Besides, it's a holiday!

Michelle Styles said...

Ah I was in Venice in early March. It is lovely.

YOu can walk most places. Otherwsie, there is the water bus.

There are a number of good little bars where you can get cake and coffee.

I can really reccomend the restuarant on the Street of the Assasins. It is Venice's only all meat restaurant and operates on strictly cash only. Very small. It is also the producer of the Matrix's favourite restaurant and he flies them out to Hollywood every year. Ask to see the holiday snaps!
Florian's is great as well.