Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Amazing Race begins again!

Whooo hooo! It's that time again - a new season of The Amazing Race begins tonight! Yes, that's me with the philicious host himself, Phil Keoghan. We met at a TARCon event (The Amazing Race convention) in New York City, when fans of the show gathered at the sports bar at Madison Square Garden to watch the final episode. Exciting? You betcha.

My daughter, who got me watching the show, came with me. And we got the lovely Phil to "eliminate" us. We also met several of the racers from that season, and seasons past, including the Guidos, the Cha-chas and the Frats.

That's not the only time I've gone to a foreign land to express my fanitude. We planned a research trip to England to include a sci-fi convention because James Marsters (aka Spike) from "Buffy" was going to be there.

I have never claimed to be mature.

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