Saturday, September 05, 2009

It happens every time....

I'll be working on a book, thinking I have plenty of time until it's due. Yep, plenty of time. Still plenty of time. Then what the - ? No, I don't!

Despite the frequency of this occurrence, I don't usually feel full-blown panic. In fact, I can only remember being really, really panicked once, when my mom had been seriously ill in the hospital and I had four books to write that year. I learned a hard lesson. Always give yourself plenty of extra time when it comes to setting deadlines.

Which I did this year, because of my son's wedding and other family stuff.

I did indeed have plenty of time. And I knew enough to get as much done early, so I'm certainly not panicking. I'm just realizing that...this book needs to be ready to go at the end of the month.

Just before we leave for Italy. And just before The Welsh Lord's Mistress is due to come out.

Wait a minute.

Maybe I should be panicking....

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