Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Still revising...

Once again, just when I thought I would have an easy revision pass through a manuscript, the book has other ideas. So blogs may be sporadic for the next little while.

Because the book comes before the blog.


Kimber Chin said...

"Because the book comes before the blog."


Hugs to you about the revisions. I dislike revisions myself though they do make books SO much stronger!

Anonymous said...

Revise away. As much fun as the blog is, I don't carry my computer around with me like I do a book.
At least with one of your book, I know that you have done your research. I just finished a book (a western historical) where the hero was driving his team "at a brisk trot", "sitting on the high wagon seat", and "holding the heavy reins". The only problem was he was driving a yoke of oxen hitched to a heavy farm wagon. Oxen move at a slow, steady pace, and the "driver" actally walks alongside the left or "near" animal, and no reins are involved. This is where the expression of "I don't know him from Adam's off ox" comes from. The off ox is on the right side of the near ox, and as a result, is harder to see.
Then, another story mentioned that a horse was given an emetic. The problem with that was that HORSES CAN'T VOMIT. I will spare the details, but basically, a horse has a one-way digestive tract. What goes down stays down without special equipment and a veterinarian.
I am looking forward to reading the next book.

Kimber Chin said...

Rosemary, if I have horse research issues, I'm coming to you. Lots of interesting info there.

'Course I write contemporary so I don't know when that will ever happen. (grinning)

Margaret Moore said...

Gee, you learn something new every day! I did not know that about horses! Or oxen, for that matter.