Monday, July 07, 2008

Writing Workshops

I've been doing some PR/career evaluation, and I've concluded that I really enjoy giving writing workshops, so I should probably do more. To that end, I've been going through the files on my computer and organizing the various workshops I've done and handouts I've used over the years. I'd also like to incorporate new material from this blog.

Okay, first of all, ay yi yi. I had material hither, thither and yon. Just getting it all in one place was a task.

Then I realized, as I tend to do, that I actually know a fair bit about this writing stuff -- and not just how-to, but how the romance publishing biz operates. Well, I should, really. I've been at this a number of years now.

I've also discovered I prefer the more casual tone of my blog to that of some of my handouts. Handouts can have a "voice" -- again, makes sense, but I've never noticed that before. And the blog voice is more "me." I'm not exactly Ms. Formal in my speech.

When I'm finished, I'll post a list of my workshops here. And now, off to organize, make notes and revise!


Michelle Styles said...

Have you ever thought of writing a reference book?

CherylStJohn said...

Or - how about a blog just for writing articles abd tips - but then of course you'd be giving away your expertise rather than having it as an income as Michelle's book idea suggests. I have a blog just for recipes. But then I'm crazy like that.

Margaret Moore said...

Oooh, Cheryl, what's the URL? I'm always on the lookout for good recipes and I'm sure yours will be! I especially need to learn how to cook for two (sigh) and I'm also on the prowl for low cal/low fat snacks. I just did a wee experiment with skillet corn bread that turned out quite well, if I do say so myself.

And yes, Michelle, I'm giving the idea of a reference book/booklet some very serious thought. :-)

Leah Braemel said...

Margaret, your Romance 101 class (January 2007) was the reason I joined the RWA and TRW. I learned more from your two hour talk than I had from two years of attending another writing group's meetings.

You're definitely a GREAT teacher - and we still-hoping-to-be-published authors can learn a lot from you.

Margaret Moore said...

Thanks, Leah! That's wonderful to hear!

CherylStJohn said...

Here ya go! You can use the search feature to find specfic categories. There are a lot of chocolate recipes (imagine that!) and crock pot recipes.

Or just scroll the archives.

Margaret Moore said...

Thanks, Cheryl! And why did I never make the connection between brownies and ideas before? Of COURSE!

Louisa Cornell said...

Do you do any online courses, Margaret? I would love to take one. And a reference book by you would definitely be a must buy for me!