Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cover Fun!

ETA: Since people found the Celebrity Look-Alikes fun, I've left them up on my site, via the link below.

I've created a special page featuring some of my covers, including Celebrity Look-Alikes and My Favorites available one time only -- today.

I got my editing finished and thanks to the wonder of FedEx, the pages should be New York today. Whooo hooo!


Mel said...

That was hilarious! Start the day out with a laugh....I never noticed Mark

Kimber Chin said...

LMAO... that is such a Baldwin!
Great fun!!

Susan Anne Mason said...

Thanks for the chuckle! You sure have a lot of great covers. Enough to wallpaper the wall of your office. LOL.

Love the new cover. Though I think I like "A Lover's Kiss" the best.