Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mad thanks.

I may be the only tv-watching person in North America who doesn't think Mad Men is wonderful. I've watched three episodes and I'm calling it a day.

I get that it's fun to see the sixties in all their retro glory and the guy playing Don Draper is right up my alley with the lean, dark good looks, but...

The pace is glacial. I mean sloooowwww. I may have been spoiled by 24 and Heroes, but really, when I fall asleep every time I try to watch Mad Men? That ain't good.

The smoking. I get it. Really. I got it about five minutes into the pilot. Lots and lots of people smoked, any time, any where. Enough already.

It's even worse when an actor is faking the smoking. (I'm looking at you, Mrs. Draper.)

Speaking of Mrs. D., what's her problem? If she suspects her husband's cheating, can we have a hint? Otherwise, it seems like chronic boredom -- and no wonder, because apparently she doesn't do anything except get dressed and do her hair. We rarely see her cook and I haven't seen her clean, although there's no sign of a maid or housekeeper, either. How does that house stay so spotless? Has she got somebody stashed in a knotty pine cupboard? She's got two kids, for heaven's sake -- unnaturally well behaved, perhaps robot kids, but still -- kids!

If she's supposed to be trying to fit the role of "perfect wife" and it's not working for her, I'm just not getting that. I'm not sure if it's the actress, or she just doesn't have much to work with, but that character bugs me.

And what woman leaves an iron lying plate down on the ironing board??? Well, the divorcee -- who looks more put together than I do on a good day. Is she supposed to be harried? That son of hers is creepy, too. Really creepy.

I don't get why Peggy slept with The Kid and then is all upset when he ignores her. They barely knew each other and he was already engaged. Plus, he looks twelve years old. Don I could understand...but the youngster who's engaged? Not making me admire Peggy, or empathize with her, either.

In fact, I just don't care about anything that's happening or any character it's happening to. So that's it for me.


Michelle Styles said...

You lasted longer than me. I think we watched two episodes before being BORED.
The clothes are great, but everything is so repressed.
Life is far too short.

trish said...

I hype-smype!

Margaret Moore said...

And it sure does have the hype. Enough with that already, too!

The Frustrated Writer said...

You didn't even mention the sexism. It's crazy... in the not-entertainment kinda way. I knew after one episode though I humored my Sig Other with a second episode.