Wednesday, July 30, 2008

For the writers not in San Francisco

Yesterday, I had links to the full handout to my workshop, What Lies Beneath: Adding Layers to Your Characters and Conflict, as well as a sample story used to illustrate the points, for those not at RWA National. Only the abridged version is usually available.


Anonymous said...

Hi Margaret,

I'm kinda feeling like everyone's gone to camp, and I haven't (which is odd considering I can't take crowds like the one at National).

I was mulling over your explanation on external conflict, and the light bulb went on. Many thanks. I'm hoping you'll give this workshop at TRW.

As always, loving your blog,


Margaret Moore said...

Hi Nancy. I'm planning to submit a proposal for this workshop to a couple of places. Just haven't got there yet. :-)

Glad you enjoy the blog and yes, it can be hectic and stressful at National. That's why I always room alone. I need the breathing space. Plus, I tend to wake up way too early (like, 4 a.m.) so it's better if I'm by myself.

Leah Braemel said...

Thanks, Margaret!

Michelle Styles said...


I would also say that there is internal conflict within interpersonal relationships as well as external conflicts. In other ways, the wya the indivdual characters relate to each other and how they prowl their boundaries to protect their inner core.
And I am not in SF...

Kimber Chin said...

Ummm... did I miss the link?
I was sucked into the editing black hole (have to get the novella to the publisher by Friday).

I think I have to go re-read your post on editing now.

Margaret Moore said...

Kimber, email me. :-)