Friday, July 18, 2008

A Lover's Kiss Available to order from eHarlequin

A LOVER'S KISS is now available to order online at eHarlequin. It's also part of a a special offer there -- buy two books from this list, get the third one free!. Whoo hoo! I've waiting a long time to tell my man Drury's story, so I'm just tickled!

In other news, what wuz they thinking, leaving Cat Deeley of So You Think You Can Dance out of the running for an Emmy nomination? Just the other night, I was noting how good she was -- interested, charming, friendly. I've like to hang out with her.

And also Phil Keoghan of The Amazing Race. He should be nominated for the eyebrow pop alone!

While I note Jeff Probst got the nod, Survivor did not, and that's a crying shame. Their last couple of seasons have been excellent.

Oh, well. At least we got a Bollywood number last night on So You Think You Can Dance. You know, I would love to take lessons in that form of dancing. It's fast, but doesn't look tooooo difficult. I did take tap upon a time and can still do a time step...


CherylStJohn said...

Cat Deely is a leetle bit scary. She almost swallows those poor little guys whole.

I loved the Bollywood number! It's getting TOUGH to send someone home! I loved the couples this week, they were great together. But I thought Comfort should have gone home AGAIN instead of Kherigan. Love that name, too.

Margaret Moore said...

While I enjoy Comfort, I don't think she's as good an "all around" dancer as the others, so I agree. She should have gone home. But now it's a popularity contest, so technical proficiency won't count as much. I like the 5 guys named Moe number, too.