Wednesday, July 23, 2008


As I believe I've mentioned, I've been putting together workshops.

I've come up with nine. Most are craft, but one is more motivational/inspirational and another is geared to anybody with an interest in publishing.

Here they are:

Goose Your Muse: Inspiration, Motivation and Imagination

What Lies Beneath: Adding Layers To Your Characters and Conflict

People, Places, Plots: An Introduction to the Big Three of Novel Writing

Tell Me A Love Story: Plotting A Romance Novel

More Than Just A Pretty Face: Creating Unique and Interesting Characters

A Picture in a Thousand Words: Setting and Description

Researching The Romance: How and When To Use Research Effectively

Do's, Don'ts and Never Minds: Writing A Snazzy Synopsis

From Manuscript to Bookshelf: Inside Publishing From An Author's Perspective

I may add more over time, but first I've got a holiday coming in the Land of Pie and Sloth, and Buggy's book to write (hooray!). And a chair to varnish, a kitchen and hall to paint, a shower and my high school buddies' annual euchre party to plan and host (an all-day, two meals plus numerous snacks event).

For now, you can read more about my qualifications and the workshops, as well as view abridged handouts, on my website.

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