Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New book, new look

Yes, it's time for the big switcheroo, because I've got the cover for my next release, A LOVER'S KISS,which will be out this summer. Officially the release date is August, but it may be on shelves sooner, depending on the salesclerks and when they get to unloading the books.

What's it about? Here's the back cover copy:

" the enemy!

Sir Douglas Drury was a spy during the Napoleonic war and has the scars, and enemies, to show for it. When he is set upon in a London street, he finds it hard to be grateful because his rescuer is not only a woman, but French into the bargain!

Juliette Bergerine has learned to keep herself safe by avoiding undue attention, but now her life is also in danger and, together, she and Drury must take refuge in a mansion in Mayfair. There, this broodingly cynical man proves an irresistible temptation...."

Clearly, my man Drury has, shall we say, troubles with the French. So of course, when I was thinking of a heroine for him, there was no doubt that she had to be French. So we have a political conflict.

But that's not enough to create a layered story with lots of conflict. So I added class issues (he's rich and educated, she's poor and works at a trade).

But that's still not enough. Drury's got a past that lends itself to danger, so we've got external conflict based on that. Let's call that "third party conflict." Or a villain.

But let's add more conflict. How do Drury's friends and social contacts react? And the man does have a job -- how does Juliette interfere with that?

And then let's really dig deep -- what else makes Drury aloof and why does he brood? Hint: his real struggles began long before the war.

Was Juliette's life all sweetness and light before she got to London? I don't think it's a big spoiler to say, Nope. So she has deep-seated issues, too, that were created long before she ever met Sir Douglas Drury. And just what is she doing in London anyway?

Want to meet Drury and Juliette? I've also updated my website and posted an excerpt.


Kimber Chin said...

Wow, I love the cover.
It is so dark and mysterious,
just as I pictured Drury.

Counting down the days until August!

trish said...

I agree with Kimber :) looks awesome

Margaret Moore said...

Thanks! I'm always a little taken aback to see my imaginary people made flesh. Not that I have any firm idea what they look like. Or maybe that's why?