Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I've got a problem

I've got a little problem, and because I'm not big on the outlining, it's one I encounter with some frequency.

My synopsis is my outline, and when I'm writing a synopsis, I have no problem putting in the who and the why of what's going on.

However, when it comes time to write the book, I discover that while I know who is in a particular scene, and why they're doing and saying and feeling what they are in that scene, I haven't specified the when and the where.

What time of day is it? Are they in the castle? Where in the castle? Should they be alone, or are other folks around? If not the castle, where else? How did they get there? Alone or with others? What's the weather like? What else is in the room, or the area?

So I have to take some time to think about all these things. I can't just barrel on through the scene. This is a bit of a pain when I'm in the groove, so to speak, and because I much prefer to write dialogue over description. But it must be done, so I take some time and do it. I wish, though, I could just snap my fingers and voila, it is written! Wouldn't that be nice?

Speaking of taking some time, I've just found out I've got some proof-reading coming my way, so I won't be blogging again until next week. Enjoy the warmer weather, everyone! Proof-reading and writing notwithstanding, I'm making it a point to get out of the house now that spring may finally be here.

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Maureen McGowan said...

Wow. That's exactly what slows me down when I write. And frankly, especially when I was writing women's fiction, I decided not to worry about some of these things until I was revising. "You mean, my characters have to be somewhere when they have this conversation?" LOL
But in the book I'm working on now, setting and context and the sequence of events is much more important, so I find I need to spend a lot of time thinking before writing most scenes. Makes my word count to time spent ratio look pathetic, but I'm concluding it's the only way... It makes me feel a little better to know someone with your experience suffers through, too.