Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's Drury, in the flesh...sort of....

I was going to blog about what else the editor at Harlequin Presents had to say about opening scenes at the I Heart Harlequin Presents blog, but I got the cover art for A LOVER'S KISS, so instead I got busy preparing its website page and excerpt.

They're ready to go, but my newsletter subscribers get the first look, so it won't be up for general viewing and reading until next week.

I won't be blogging until then, either. I'm getting out of town this weekend and have a writing goal I want to make before I leave -- to get to the first "The End." It won't be the last time for this book, because I am the Queen o' Revising, but it would be nice to get there once before I head off to the rustic pleasures of a cottage with no heat.

I can hardly wait!

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