Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I came, I saw, I raked....

I had a delightful weekend away from work, the computer and the big city. To be sure, I worked hard with the raking of the Gigantic Pile o' Leaves that had been blown onto the folks' garden, but the weather was lovely and we had plenty of cookies to keep us going. We also ate at the most excellent local restaurant which has the sort of decor one finds in local restaurants - a clown/nautical theme.

And bonus! I found, in the local antique store I have never gone into before (and this may be why) the most marvelous china cabinet EVER. It's tiger oak, tall, with a large bow window cabinet on one side, a mirror, felt-lined drawer and leaded glass door cupboard on the other, and a very wide drawer all along the bottom. It was also, based on an estimate for another smaller piece we have, a bargoon. It's costing us a lot to get it from there to our house, but what the heck. Worth every penny.

OTOH, in "Are You Trying To Make Me Feel Old?" category, I also brought home my Suzy Homemaker Oven that has been at the cottage for years and years. I googled it just to see what it was worth and discovered -- yikes! -- the word "vintage" is apparently now attached to it. My toys are vintage? I protest!

Since this is Earth Day, I note that I am totally excited over the prospect of getting the clothesline up again. I have a song about it and everything. Last year, I was so excited about the clothesline, my friend actually said, "I think you need to get out more."

I concur -- now that the weather is lovely. So lovely it can't last, but I am enjoying every minute of it. Even when I'm in my windowless basement office, I know that upstairs, it's warm, it's sunny and later, I'm going for a long walk.


Kimber Chin said...

I hung my first two loads on the clothesline this weekend. Nothing beats the smell, even in the city.

Well, now I'm wanting cookies. That's not good.

I learned a new word this week... errata. I am still undecided whether it is a nice word or not.

J.K. Coi said...

Yay, for the weather, and Yay for Earth Day! I'm glad you had a lovely weekend. It was my anniversary this weekend and we had a very nice weekend as well.
Kris from TRW :)

Margaret Moore said...

Errata happens. :-(

Happy Anniversary, Kris!

I went for a very long walk and came home with paint chips and some plans for new light fixtures. Nothing like planning a little redecorating and refreshing to make the day even better!