Friday, April 18, 2008

The End...sort of....

Whoo hoo! I typed "The End."

Well, okay, I think I cheated. I think that last scene's a tad...a bit..kinda...okay, a lot rushed. I'm going to revise it some now, and no doubt much, much more before the book goes in, but I typed, "The End." Yeah!

I also got my double batch of chocolate chip cookies baked. Next up, streusel cake. Because I need my provisions for the cottage.

Did I mention I'll be helping open the cottage? My job will be to help my mom take the leaves off the garden. Or as my younger sister says, "Pick up a leaf, talk, talk, talk, pick up a leaf, talk, talk, talk..."

Yep, she knows us too well. Except I'd add, Pick up a leaf. "How 'bout a tea and some cookies?" Pick up a leaf. "Sounds good to me!"

I hope everybody has a great weekend!

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