Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Time Management 201

In keeping with my constant attempts to use my time during the day more wisely, just a quick blog post this morning, to say that I intend, in future, to blog in the afternoon. Work in the morning, when I'm "fresher"; blog, etc. (which is less important, meaning I don't get paid for it) in the p.m.

This seems obvious, doesn't it? And yet, I find this difficult. I check my email first thing, and send out the daily email to a certain family member, so it's easy to stay on the internet computer instead of moving over to the computer that has no internet connection to write. But I'm going to try!

I've also discovered that Wednesday and Thursday are the days I have the most blog visitors, so I'll save my writing-related posts for those days. Less career-oriented , more personal blogs about TV, etc. will be for other days.

So look for a longer blog post this afternoon, on a writing-related topic.

And can I just add, that ticking timer I'm using? Really adds a sense of urgency.

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Kimber said...

That's what I do.

I get my chapter done (either fresh chapter or edit), my blog posts done (in that order) and THEN I can reward myself by answering emails, etc.