Thursday, August 23, 2007

Margaret's Guide To Constructive Procrastination On A Limited Basis (or you won't get very far as a self-employed person)

1. Admit you are only human. You do not want to burn out. You need to rest your brain.

2. Order research books online, preferably hard-to-find ones that require searching and a feeling of great triumph when you find them. Price be damned! It's for your work. You need them!

3. Read a how-to-write book. Never mind how many novels you've written. Unless you've written one yourself, you are still a student and there is always something to learn or confirm.

4. Get DVDs of series you weren't able to watch because you are strong and resist getting the specialty channels so you won't waste time watching TV.

5. Discover a Romance Wiki and decide you have to enter all your books, etc. Discover that's not Wikipedia, but they don't want you to add your own self there. Formulate a plan to get yourself there.

6. Decide it's time to stop procrastinating on all the repairs and refurbishing and refinishing because Christmas is coming and there's a good chance you will be entertaining both sides of the family. Learn a whole lot of interesting stuff from the furniture restorer, then try to look cool when he quotes the price.

7. Redecorate a room. Pick a dark color to paint, so it takes many, many coats and much colorful cursing. But hey, it'll look good when it's done. And hopefully you'll forget the frustration soon.

8. Update your website. Better yet, redo the whole thing.

9. Blog. Do your own or read others.

10. Read a good book. Consider that research, too. Tea and cookies are optional.

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