Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Margaret's Books in Many Lands

Thanks to a reader in France, I now know some of my medievals are being released there. LE DONJON DES AIGLES," is THE UNWILLING BRIDE, from my Brothers-in-Arms series for HQN. The second, LE DONJON DES SECRETS, is A WARRIOR'S HONOR, from my Warrior series.

Also, I've been interviewed for a German romance website.

Even after all this time, it still boggles my mind to think of people all over the world reading my work. It's both exciting and very humbling.

(Sidebar: As mentioned, I will be blogging about series and sequels this week. That's going to take some time, though, and I have a birthday cake to bake today, as well as various and sundry other birthday-related activities. Nevertheless, I hope to get it up later this afternoon; if not today, tomorrow for sure!)


Kimber said...

I love the cover for "A Warrior's Honor."
So beautiful!

Is it your birthday today?

Really excited about the series post (though wouldn't a series of posts about series be more apt?). No rush on it, of course. Simply trying to hammer out whether I left a follow up book too late.

Margaret Moore said...

No, it's not my birthday. A family member.

Re a series of posts about series -- I'm looking to answer your question about time between books. If you have other questions, let me know and I can post about them if I don't answer them in my first. Which I'm hoping to finish soon! :-)

Kimber said...

Just joking about the series of posts on series...

'Course if you're asking about preferences, I would prefer that your next book come out a bit earlier... like tonight.

Need a good MM read. Guess I gotta go to the classics shelf.