Sunday, August 12, 2007

Another Faboo Review!

From The Romance Readers Connection:

"Fans of historicals, especially medieval settings, will be unable to put Ms. Moore's story down. The story is fresh, fun, fast-paced, engaging, and passionate, with an added touch of adventure."

There's more, but that's the really gratifying bit.

I spend months working and worrying over a book, some more than others. THE NOTORIOUS KNIGHT was one of the "more than others" experiences. I'm only now appreciating how stressed I was while writing it - not about the writing, but by other things going on in my life. Unfortunately, those stresses affected the writing more than I appreciated at the time, which made for some pretty stressful revisions.

So getting a wonderful review like this? Is sweet indeed!

(And in other news: I am never, ever painting another room. The time, the frustrations -- what the heck was I thinking??? I'm calling the pros to redo the bathroom.)


Bonnie Ferguson said...

Congrats on the great review! :)

Jen Lazaris said...

Margaret, congrats on the great review. Out of all of the books of yours that I have read, Lady Gillian was my absolute favorite heroine, and this my favorite story. I'm not sure I can explain this properly, but the story just moved me so much. These two characters were so real to me. The sizzle was there, but the emotion in this book was overwhelming. Kudos. It was a fabulous read. You deserve the reviewer's praise.

Margaret Moore said...

Wow, Jen -- thanks! I really appreciate your heartfelt words!