Tuesday, August 14, 2007

How NOT to negotiate...

We've been given this really neat piece of old oak furniture. It's a small sideboard, only about three feet wide, with mirror and scroll work at the back, and leaded glass doors. Unfortunately, it's minus a back, an inside shelf, a drawer and one of the glass panes is broken. I spent a few minutes this morning making calls about getting it fixed and refinished.

I was just about giving up hope (the drawer was a big problem) when I found a guy who said, basically, "No problem!" He's coming next week to give me an estimate.

I was delighted. Thrilled. And said so.

When I got off the phone, I realized I may have revealed my enthusiasm rather too much. Way to (possibly) drive the price up there, Margaret!

So when Mr. Restorer comes, I'll have to mention "the budget." Maybe too little, too late, but c'est la vie. I yam what I yam, as Popeye would say, and I've never had a poker face.

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