Friday, August 24, 2007

New Faces

So it's nearly time for the new TV season. So far, no new show has leapt out at me as "must see TV," but a few things to look forward to:

Colm Feore on 24. He's the female president's husband. He will be evil. Okay, maybe not. CF does not always plays bad guys -- but when he does, he's so goooood. So I'm hoping for deliciously, well-acted evil. Although between Keifer Sutherland's voice and Colm Feore, I may need a cold compress.

Survivor: China. I have seen the cast, and I'm trying not to make an premature judgment calls. I've been wrong too often.

Journeyman. I'll give it a try because of Kevin McKidd (aka Lucius Vorenus in Rome). But alas! I don't think we'll get to hear his Scots accent. Sigh. And sadly, I don't think he gets to go back far into the past. Whaaaa! Now that'd be a time travel show I could really get into.

I'm actually not looking forward to Ugly Betty, because it ended on such a sour note. I'll probably give it a try, but I'm finding more and more than a show that starts out great for one season doesn't grab me the next. Cases in point: The OC and Desperate Housewives.

OTOH, I'm really looking forward to more of the The Office, which I discovered after it had been on for awhile. And The Amazing Race -- best reality show evah!


MaryF said...

I'm adding Moonlight to my Must See TV, but I don't think I'll add anything else.

I probably won't watch 24 this year - I hated last year. I'll give Grey's Anatomy another shot, but they better impress me.

I'm looking forward to Supernatural, The Office, Jericho, Bones and Lost.

Kimber said...


If you're ever looking for blog topics, could you cover sequels or series?

I have a minor character in my first novel (out May 2008) that I'd love to give her own book.

Problem is that four manuscripts later, I haven't written that story yet.

How much time can pass between publishing dates? 'Course they all stand alone but...

Margaret Moore said...

Your wish is my command, Kimber! Look for my thoughts on series on Wed. or Thursday this week. :-)

Dixie Belle said...

I want to see The Bionic Woman! A woman who can do anything! Yeah!