Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Back to work, almost

We just got back from our annual "retreat" at my folks' cottage, on the sunny shore of Lake Erie.
I tell you, it is relaxation at it's best because:

1. No laundry.

2. No TV. Makes for lots and lots of reading and game playing and family good times!

3. No deadlines. The self-employed don't get a vacation. We have to take one. So I do. Not that I don't work. Sometimes I do, but I don't push myself too hard. That's difficult in that environment anyway.

4. No dishwasher. Now, this isn't exactly a plus, except that I used to do a lot of thinking as I did the dishes and when I'm there, I realize that I actually kinda miss that. Not the pots and pans, though. Is there anybody who doesn't hate washing the pots and pans?

5. Good food! The cottage is also close to farm country. I tell ya, there's nothing like vegetables, fruit and berries that were picked that morning. There's also a place that makes home-made pie.

6. Have I mentioned the reading? Oh, my word! Read, read, read, read, read -- all morning some days.

7. Walks on the beach, sunset or otherwise.

8. Movies. We go up to town sometimes to catch a flick at the local Cinema Six. We saw The Bourne Ultimatum. Good, but whew -- hard to follow sometimes, with the camera apparently jumping around. And I just have to say, if I have streaked hair? And I'm being chased through a Moroccan bazarre? I'm grabbing a scarf and covering my freakin' head! Although I must also say, finally Matt Damon looks old enough that I can believe he's a secret agent.

9. Sleep. I actually slept in until 9:30 one morning. Such a pleasant change from 5:30 when the paper lands on the doorstep.

10. It's the perfect no-stress holiday. We stay for free, so it's not costing a penny except for the food and movies. And generally, the weather co-operates.

But alas! The holiday is over and now it's time to get back to work. It takes me a day or two to get back to reality, though.

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sharon said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful. I would love to do that for the entire summer. When I lived in Ontario we used to rent a cottage at Sauble Beach on Lake Huron and it was heaven. Those days are long gone since I have moved far away but I still think about it.