Monday, June 04, 2007

Waiting is never easy

It's been about three weeks since I sent in my manuscript to Esteemed Editor.

It's been about a week since I sent in the proposal for the option book for approval by Big Kahuna.

Now, as much as I'd like to believe Esteemed Editor and Big Kahuna drop everything to deal with my work the minute I send anything in, I know this is not the case. They have Other Things To Do. Which means I must wait.

I could start on the next project but...Big Kahuna may have things she'd like changed. I was once three weeks and about 100 pages into a first draft when my Then Editor phoned with suggested changes -- suggestions that would mean fundamental changes to the story and characters. I tossed everything I'd written and started again.

Perhaps needless to say, this is something I'd prefer to avoid.

I also fear that if I get too far into the next story, I'll forget what I was thinking while writing the manuscript I just sent in. If questions are asked, the answers might take a while to come.

I don't particularly enjoy looking like I didn't know what I was doing.

Unfortunately, I have pulled all the weeds I care to pull, although more remain. Weeding is boring. I'd rather be writing.

I finished my outfit for the wedding and found the shoes. I've also bought more clothes. I have shopped until I've dropped several times. Enough already. I'd rather be writing.

I've been stripping the trim in the room to be redecorated, only to discover I can only do that for about half an hour before my wrist starts to hurt. I can type for hours without a problem, so this surprised me. But so it is. Also, it's boring. The room's got to be done, but I'd rather be writing.

The stress dreams have begun. Last night I dreamt I was at the RWA conference, getting all set to go to the RITA awards, when I realized I had not yet registered for the conference, and so had no ticket. I decided to give a pass to the RITA ceremony and left the conference -- without checking out and leaving my RITA outfit and various other sundries in the hotel.

Ay yi yi.

So what's an author to do? I can:

1. Ask my editor when she might get to my book and if she's heard from Big Kahuna. Tempting -- have done it once already, in fact -- but annoying one's editor is counter-productive, so I should really refrain.

2. Ask my agent to ask my editor when she might get to my book and if she's heard anything from Big Kahuna. Maybe later. Not now. Still too soon. (See above re counter-productive.)

3. Try to put all writing-related issues out of my mind and work on redecorating the bedroom. Boring, hard on the wrist, but necessary. Will do some later today.

4. Start new book while hoping Big Kahuna doesn't hate the story entirely. This is a definite possibility, because I'm starting to feel my writing muscles atrophy.

And I'd really rather be writing than doing almost anything else.

Including -- believe you me -- waiting.


Christine said...

I find waiting so hard. You think once you're published thing will move along a lot faster than before. I was surprised.

You're more than welcome to come to my place, Margaret. I have lots of weeds!

Margaret Moore said...

But I don't like weeding! Sitting around and talking about writing, though? I'm your gal. :-)

Maureen McGowan said...

I have an amazing suggestion, Margaret! come pull my weeds! I have more than enough to go around and will keep you busy for days! Do you prune?

Oh. Damn. Christine already made my joke. I'm posting it anyway. :-)