Thursday, June 07, 2007

Let the celebration begin!

He's here! Sir Guy of Gisborne is here! And by that, I mean the DVD of the new BBC Robin Hood series, starring the wonderfully intense Richard Armitage. Actually, at the moment, the DVD is hanging (via string and masking tape) from the front hall light, so that Daughter will see it the moment she opens the door. Now you know one reason I adore my husband.

And as if that wasn't enough excitement, later my author copies of THE NOTORIOUS KNIGHT arrived! Even after 15 years, it's still a thrill to hold that first copy of a new book in my hands. Some things just never get old.

I haven't seen the artwork on the inside cover before, and it's pretty yummy, too, so I'll be posting that on my site ASAP.

Whoo hooo!

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Christine said...

Congratulations on the author copies, Margaret! I can't wait to read this one. :)