Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Official Release Date!

From the back cover:

She would have no man....

Far from the intrigues of the king's court, all Lady Gillian desired was to keep her family's estate safe -- and to honor her vow never to marry. Then Sir Bayard de Boisbaston arrived at D'Averette castle to warn of possible danger and protect all within. Who was this man, to take over her castle? No matter that he was surely the handomest knight in the realm, and made her rethink her steadfast vows.

He would have no other...

Chivalry demanded Sir Bayard protect Lady Gillian. Though he never expected to do battle with the lady herself. Gillian was a woman of fire and spirit who soon had Bayard plotting a conspiracy. One to convince the Lady Gillian that a knight of her own was useful, not only on the battlefield -- but in the bedroom, as well.

Just in case you're wondering: I don't write the back cover copy. Indeed, I rarely have any say in it. And bcc seems to have its own rules -- sentence fragments, for one. Not that I mind.

I really like this bcc. It gives a bit of the set-up (why Bayard's come to Averette), the external conflict between the hero and heroine, and something of Gillian's internal conflict -- I don't need or want that guy around, but dang, he's attractive! And tempting. And why did I make that vow again? Oh, ya...but....dang, he's attractive!

Not that Gillian ever says "dang!"

Inside scoop: Gillian's the middle sister of three. Guess where I fall in the birth order of my siblings? :-)

Later today, more in the on-going revision saga.

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Christine d'Abo said...

I can't wait to read this, Margaret. :)