Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Revising Roslynn

As my Esteemed and long-suffering Editor will attest, I never do only the revisions she suggests. Give me another at bat, and I'm taking a few swings.

Case in point in the current manuscript: Lady Roslynn.

It occurred to me as I was writing this book that she had heroine potential, and lo, she would work in the next book (tentatively titled THE WARLORD'S BRIDE). Whoo hooo!

There's a key Roslynn scene in KNAVE'S HONOR, however, which involved a confrontation with the villain in that book. As I was rereading KH and making my revision notes, I felt that while I don't want her to be a weepy pushover, I had made her too confident there. If she starts from this place in the next book, she's got less of a chance to grow and develop in her own story.

Also, having her be less sure of herself would work better in this key scene, too, considering the end of it.

And thus, revisions have been made. She still does the same things, she still plays the same role, but she herself is less resolute, and more tentative. I hope that the readers see that she has the potential to be a strong, interesting heroine, as I do, but in KNAVE'S HONOR, she hasn't quite got there yet.

In other news: THE NOTORIOUS KNIGHT has its first review on Amazon and it's lovely. This is just the kind of thing that helps when you're doing revisions and working on the sixth complete draft of a manuscript.

In local news: dang head cold!

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