Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Revisions: the saga continues

So far, in adding to the subplots and also the romantic plot to try to keep the plots balanced, I've added about 40 pages to the manuscript. And I'm not done yet. I still have to add a lot more to one subplot scene. I was thinking of having two separate scenes, but have decided to add the new elements to an existing scene.

That still means more new pages.

Ay yi yi.

Fortunately, this is a single title book, so length is not such an issue. Otherwise I would be in a huge panic and wondering what I'd have to cut. Depending on the final length, I may do some serious trimming anyway. It's kind of amazing what can go sometimes, and I consider myself a fairly lean writer to begin with.

Bonus due to the non-drowsy medication: normally, I don't work much beyond 10 p.m. Not last night. I wrote a new scene between 10 and 11. =8-0

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