Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Revisions and Richard

My Esteemed Editor has gotten back to me with her revisions notes. It's always interesting to get EE's reaction, since she's the first (and only) person who reads my work in its entirety after I've finished a manuscript. Naturally I live in hope that she'll rave and say it's perfect; unfortunately, I know this is but a dream, and thus KNAVE'S HONOR has a few kinks to be worked out.

Also as usual, there are some changes that EE's noted that point to a problem, but on further examination, the problem's not necessarily quite what EE thinks it is. Confused? I'll explain in more detail later this week, after I've had a chance to talk with EE about the changes I'm going to make to address her concerns.

Speaking of dreams, last night, Daughter and I watched another episode of Robin Hood (#4). Fortunately, it seems that Sir Guy (played by our mutual heart-throb, Richard Armitage) has gotten back on track with this episode, as in being bad but with a conscience. He veered into really evil territory in the episode about his baby that he apparently abandoned in the wood -- which I refuse to accept. His henchmen did it! He's secretly appalled! (That was also the episode that had me thinking about Shaken Baby Syndrome. A lot.) Also, the sheriff has calmed down somewhat. He's still far too "cartoony" for me.

Then it turns out both Daughter and I had dreams about Richard and/or Robin Hood.

Daughter dreamt Richard was hanging out at our house. And I, apparently, was watching TV in the basement.

Yep, Richard Armitage is in my house and I'm ignoring him.

And what was he doing? Getting something to eat, going on the computer, just hanging out...

My dream was about the show. I don't remember much, but I do remember waking up and realizing it'd basically been just about the episode. What a waste of a dream! Because ya know, if I'm gonna be dreaming about Sir Guy, I want something a little more Sir Guy-centric.

Still, it sure beats dreaming about revisions, which I have done.

(The picture of Richard Armitage as Sir Guy comes from The Armitage Army fan site and you can see it larger there. There are also many other pictures of RA, articles, etc, including a message from RA that makes me think he's probably a swell fella in real life.)

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