Saturday, August 26, 2006

TV Potpourri

So I see the Emmys are on tomorrow night. I used to get very excited about them, but now, not so much. For one thing, I don't get HBO, so I've never seen a lot of the new nominated shows. I also don't watch any of the CSI shows or medical shows (I start thinking I have all the diseases). The only sitcom I watch is My Name is Earl; before that, there was a long dry spell, with the humor coming from reality TV. If I watch the Emmys, it'll be to see if The Amazing Race wins again.

Prison Break is back and T-Bag's trying to get his hand re-attached. Eeeuuwww. They killed off a character that, as far as I could tell, nobody much liked (and me, neither). I'm not too sure how it's going to go with the cons on the run, though. I think the show might need the more claustrophic, dangerous setting of the prison. Also, I'd like to know what Capt. Wentworth knows about folding clothes, so that when they're taken out of the ground after being buried for several months? They have not a wrinkle.

Speaking of HBO, I got Rome for my birthday. Loved it joyfully up until the episode we just watched, the one that introduces Cleopatra. New writer and new director, I note. Pullo and his friend seem to be venturing into Forrest Gump territory -- showing up at every major historical event either by incredible luck or amazing coincidence. Also, what was that bit with Brutus's mother and Atia's daughter? It served no purpose, as far as I can tell, except titillation.

Deadwood starts in my neck of the woods on Labor Day. I've never seen it, so I'm prepared to clutch my pearls and be shocked -- shocked! -- at the language.

Now it's off to watch an Amazing Race rerun.


Michelle Styles said...

The Atia/Octavia serves a purpose. It becomes important later on.

But I do so agree about the Cleopatra nonsense. It made for a very uneven series.

The last few episodes are very good imho

Michelle Styles said...

Sorry should have been Servilia/Octavia.

Margaret Moore said...

I'm so worried about my boy Pullo! He's so lonely and I don't think the relationship with that girl he saved is going to last. Poor Pullo!

I'm glad that Cleopatra bit was just an aberation!