Tuesday, August 01, 2006

From the sweltering shore.....

So here I am at the cottage, where it's about 100 degrees with 99% humidity. Using dial up and the hubby's laptop. Oh, I have been spoiled at home with the higher tech stuff, because this dial up? Is slooooowww....

And not only is it hot enough to fry a fish outside, I started Helen Kirkman's DESTINY today. Her heroes are...well, wonderful enough to make the Dark Ages seem like a right swell time to live. Ah, give me a battle ax and Berg, and I'll be a happy woman....

Which means I finished the second George RR Martin opus. Good, but long and complicated. It's hard to keep everybody straight when you don't want to do more than lie in a hammock with a cool drink. And there was a bit in there I could live without having in my imagination. Overall, though, I'm certainly interested enough in the main characters to carry on.

I've also been thinking about subjects to blog about later. Peer pressure in publishing is one. Contests. And I hope to venture more beyond the bounds of writing and the writing life. Interesting historical facts. Strange but true. And hey, I didn't realize that! (For instance, have you realized that no other British king has ever been named John? That's how bad the man's rep was, and is.)

Then, once the new TV season begins, I'll have plenty to say about my fav shows.

As already mentioned, I'll be having Random Blog Giveaways of my out-of-print books.

For now, though, it's back to the hammock and Berg and Elene and the Dark Ages.

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