Tuesday, August 08, 2006

First Random Blog Giveaway!

This week, I'm starting a new thing -- random blog giveaways of my out-of-print books. Yep, it's time to clear the cupboard, because you know, those books aren't doing a darn thing in there. Well, maybe the characters come alive at night and start whispering to each other and...whooo...creeping myself out there!

Anyhoo, it's "random" because I won't be doing this on, say, every Tuesday. It'll be when the spirit moves me, or, more precisely, when I'm planning a post office run.

And now, with no further ado... The first five folks who email me at margaretmoorebooks@yahoo.com will receive autographed copies of a reissue of my very first book, A WARRIOR'S HEART. Don't send me your address; just put A WARRIOR'S HEART in the subject line and your name in the body. I'll email the first five who respond and ask for your addies then. That way, if you don't hear back from me by the next random blog giveaway, you'll know you missed the boat...or the book, as the case may be.

A word about A WARRIOR'S HEART: It was not only the first book I ever sold, it was the first book I completed, too. I started writing it and then, like many others, I took a bit of a detour into contemporary romance land, thinking a short contempoary would be easier to write and easier to sell. Oh, how the gods laughed. And somewhere, there may be Harlequin editors still chortling over those efforts. Fortunately, an editor who saw those efforts and knew I was working on a historical as well steered me toward Harlequin Historicals. A WARRIOR'S HEART turned out to be the first book in what was eventually a fourteen-book series, although I certainly didn't know that when I wrote it!

I've tried and tried to upload the covers here, and I've given up. You can go here to see them both.

An explanation about the rather unusual cover of the resissue, which was available only in direct (ie mail order). It was part of a special series focusing on families, so all the books had a white picket fence on the bottom. Didn't really go with ye olde medieval, but there it was. Also, the hero on the original is much the better looking, despite that mullet. I mean, the guy has some great lips and a mighty fine jaw, and the rest of him ain't bad either. The guy on the reissue -- I think maybe he's whistling. I hope so, 'cause otherwise, that pucker's kinda...eeuuuww. On the upside, he sort of reminds me of Guy Pearce.

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CherylStJ said...

You must have the covers in a .gif file on your hard drive before uploading. If it's the blogspot system, try refreshing the page or just coming back at a different time. Sometimes the site is quirkly and has problems letting you upload pictures. I couldn't do it at all before I had DSL.