Friday, August 18, 2006

The Amazing Race and travels of my own

Whooo hoooo! CBS has posted the teams for the new season of The Amazing Race! My preliminary reactions:

1. It's season 10? Egad, how time flies! Will the clues be real clues this time? I've been watching Season One again (we have the DVD) and I gotta tells ya, those clues were tough.

2. Did Bilal and Sa'eed have difficulties in the airports, or did the producers do some pre-flight arranging so they wouldn't have a disadvantage? Hope so!

3. The beauty queens look identical.

4. I fear Tom and Terry's "playful nitpicking" will get really old, really fast and become nasty under stress.

5. Lyn has a lovely smile.

6. Erwin and Godwin: I fear "super competitive" means impatient and poor losers.

7. As long as Vipul and Arti don't make mistakes with the clues, I can see them going far, what with the travel experience and language skills.

Speaking of traveling, I checked the map that shows where visitors to my blog are located, and it looks like there might be somebody from Alice Springs, in Australia, stopping by. If so, g'day! One of the greatest thrills I've ever had as a writer was finding an anthology of my books in a shop in Alice Springs when we were there on holiday in 2002. Just too cool!

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Sinead M said...

Love the amazing race!

Can't wait for the next season.

Great show.